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The Growth Potential Study for Fundraising ©

All charitable organizations share a common goal; to advance their mission. To do that they need more resources and that means raising more money.  Fundraising flourishes when a powerful case for support is presented by committed, well informed leaders to prospects with the capacity and the will to make a difference.

The Growth Potential Study (GPS) is the first step in effective fundraising planning. The study identifies opportunities for growth and the impediments. Key elements of the study are a five year fundraising history, in depth interviews with staff, volunteers, community leaders and prospects, a detailed review of the organization’s communications programs and research into best practice in comparable organizations.  It focuses on five key areas:


The study process will facilitate discussions around the case for support. How is it presented, how is it perceived? The organizations mission is the case but the best organizations often get so immersed in service delivery that they can’t find time to stop and take a measure of how they are telling their story… and more importantly how that story is perceived in constituent communities.


Working with the organization we chart the 5 year fundraising history, creating a powerful fact based snapshot of performance. We review past and current issues of newsletters, solicitation materials and other publications and research similar organizations to insure that the GPS reflects existing culture, context and best fundraising practice.


A volunteer led, staff driven organization is at the heart of an effective fundraising enterprise. We review roles and responsibilities and make recommendations to better engage staff and volunteers in the development process.


A key element of the GPS interviews with staff and volunteers is the identification of prospects. The goal is to develop an ongoing process of identifying leadership gift prospects and to begin the solicitation process with the GPS interviews.


The study identifies the key elements of a fundraising plan based on activity based performance metrics. The plan will focus the staff and the board’s energy on fundraising initiatives that will have the most impact on fundraising performance.